Rapid Prototyping

We do know that any idea has to be
tested before putting it into development. Ensure that you are on the right track with our Rapid Prototyping services

What’s Rapid Prototyping ?

Rapid Prototyping is a fast way to test your AR/VR idea and figure out if you are on the right path without the need for heavy upfront investment. Visiov Studio the world by creating effective AR/VR prototypes that solve real problems.

Why need Rapid Prototyping ?
Viable Idea

Present business investors or stakeholders with something they can wrap their heads around

Optimal Variant

See your ideas in action and select the one that suits your business model best

Working Functionality

Validate the working features and functionality of the app
Save time on development by not focusing on the small details of the project
Cost Efficiency
Save money because prototyping is relatively inexpensive compared to complex software
Quick Start
Prototyping allows to quickly get started, try out multiple ideas until you find the one that works
How We Conduct Prototyping

The initial step consists of the analysis of your business needs and agreeing on the minimum required functionality of your prototype

The next step is researching the tech stack to find an optimal solution to fit all your needs
MVP – Minimum Viable Product is an essential part of any development that helps validate your idea and try out its features. It seems like a trial product for customer use and takes initiative for the next step
The next step includes working on the functional logic and mechanics of your prototype, as well as its UX/UI, and content implementation
When a prototype is half-ready, it’s time to conduct QA to ensure it functions correctly
Work on the technical documentation (tech stack description, photo, and video reports, conclusions, comparison tables, suggestions for further development, etc)
The next step is to build a final app version and prepare for a release. Once the prototype is ready, the last thing to do is to report on software and hardware tests
Ready to Try out Your AR/VR Ideas ?